Anahata Yoga and Kirtan 29.08- 05.09 2021 with Anja & Mantras with Lalita Devi

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August 10, 2019
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Anahata Yoga and Kirtan 29.08- 05.09 2021 with Anja & Mantras with Lalita Devi

Anahata Yoga and Kirtan

In this retreat we work with asanas for the opening of the heart, pranayama and meditation (lotus meditation) . Kirtan singing & talks about the meaning of the Mantras in the evening with Lalita . Dancing meditation, and much more ….  . We start our day at 8 am with Meditaition & 1.5 hours Asanas (long holding of the postures ) in which Lalita  accompanies us with the harmonium and sings Matras to move deeper into our hearts, into silence . Then there is a delicious breakfast and free time for swimming , walking , relaxing etc . At 5pm. 2 hours normal Hatha Yoga class, except Wednesday and Friday afternoon. On the other evenings we serve a rich vegetarian dinner (organic, bio)The traditional .both Cretan and Indian Ayurvedic cooking of our Chef Sidhart will also balance your diet. the cretan diet is one of the healthiest of the planet will travel through Culinary experiences each day and feel healthy and nourished..

in the evenings  Kirtan with Lalita.Devi Also there will be 1 Kirtan on the beach  & one Dancing meditation with Dj Forest playing live spiritual & dancing music.

Kirtan is

A practice that allows anyone, including non—musicians,
to experience the many life enhancing benefits of singing. A way for us to connect with community,
to feel a part of a vital, larger whole.
A judgement—free space,
where we can come home to ourselves.
A powerful tool for self»exploration,
self—improvement, and conscious evolution.

A way for us to get out of our heads,
to be liberated from the prison of thought.
An opportunity to connect with the power
of a living tradition that stretches back for thousands of years.
A means to directly experience ourselves
as Vibrational, energetic beings.

Donation 850 euro (all included except Flight , Transfer and petrol for the car which you have included the whole week , sharing )