Yoga & silence retreat Sunday 17. – 24.09.23
December 11, 2021

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Yogaholidyas are available all the time inbetween the retreats

August & September


Anahata Yoga & Kirtan with Anja & Lalita Devi

Cacao ceremony

Sunday 27.08. – 03 09. 23

new date for next year will come

Open your heart into Bhakti Yoga..with Meditation,Yoga & Mantras , Kirtan (chanting of devotional songs)..
healthy vegetarian food ,beach time,
First afternoon will be a cacao ceremony to open the retreat and open your heart for yourself and others.Cacao is deeply connected to your hearchakra
next morning we start  with a beautiful meditation followed by Pranayama and heartopening Yoga  which is accompanied with harmonium and mantra singing of Lalita.. (every morning)
after there is Brunch , free ime till 5 pm and a second session of Yoga is happening untill 7 pm 
except Wednesday there is your free afternnon ,(no dinner)  & on Friday there is free time untill  6 pm when we meet for Kirtan on the beach and go out for dinner in one of the lovely beach restaurants around
the other evenings there is dinner and then there is Kirtan singing lead by Lalita Devo which is a profesional Kirtan singer for many years ,you will also learn more about mantras etc
Thursday will be  a silent day and you can experince how it is for you do do all actifities in silence and be in your inner space
donation  890 euro all included
except flight and transfer ( acommodation , Brunch every morning ,5 vegetarian dinners , a car to go around ,all the yoga classes , Kirtan evenings & a dancing meditation )


Hatha & Yin Yoga  silence Retreat ,Sunday 17. – 24.09.23

Nurture, heal, listen to your inner being in a harmonious space of serenity, joy, and silence. 8 days that we give to find ourselves, supported by the healing energy of Crete , the island of light.

3,5 days of full silence 

Hatha Yoga in the morning and Yin in the evening

every morning brunch & 5 dinners

Yoganidra , sound, meditations,





more info under posts…Donation 950 euro all included




Monday 09.- 14.10.23 Yoga & Detox with cacao ceremony

5 days of detoxing the body & the mind with smoothies ,healthy soups , yoga , pranayama & meditation twice a day plus massages & cacao cermony….

Cacao is packed full of vitamins and minerals and increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus.It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost. 

 singing of sacred songsat the ceremony

and lots of time for yourself 

donation:  double room sharing 750 euro

single 990 euro( more info under detox page )


Friday 20. – 27.10.23

8 Day Detoxing Yoga Holiday for Body and Mind

Since this is a detoxing holiday, the program is easygoing with lots of time for relaxation, not only enjoying yoga but also the beaches, mountains, etc. around the area.

*You will start your morning with a warm lemon water , Jala neti ( nose cleansing )and then your morning practice of 2,5 hours detoxing yoga asanas , meditation, with a special pranayama program at the end for 30 minutes which is called Bhairova. as well as relaxation
*After that, you will have a healthy detoxing bunch, followed by a detoxing massage
*free time throughout the day , we can give you further guidance if you like to detox further.

donation 590 euro doubleroom shared


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