Yoga & silence retreat Sunday 26.06. – 03.07.22
December 11, 2021

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Yoga Retreats Crete  2022

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June & July


Yoga & silence retreat 26.06.-03.07.22 with Anja

Nurture, heal, listen to your inner being in a harmonious space of serenity, joy, and silence
8 days that you give to find yourself, supported by the healing energy of Crete , the island of light.


A seminar in which we immerse ourselves deeply by practicing yoga & mindfulness every morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. starting with guided meditation, breathing exercises and asanas.

3.5 days we dive deeper into the silence, we do our practice in the morning in silence and we will also spend the rest of the day in silence, with ourselves and our deepest being in harmony. Daily Satsang and in the afternoon there is yoga , Breath,, sound journey, walking meditation and Kirtan alternately

Daily brunch, 5 delicious  dinners, the whole program and overnight stay in a double room

950 € donation (all inclusive except flight & transfer and 2 afternoons free)

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August & September

Weekend retreat trip to the Aura of the East

3 days of Yoga . Merkabah (sacred Geometry). Sound bath., Kirtan ( chanting of Mantras) & Indian ayurvedic yourself in the eastern mystery and enjoy just to BE

with Anja , Asimina & our chef Siddhart

donation :210 euro ( accommodation .all the program, food )

Sunday 04.09.-11.09. 2022  Anahata Yoga with Anja & Kirtan with Lalita Devi

We gonna practice every morning 2 hours & Lalita will sing & play the harmonium to the asanas (longer holding of the asanas to deepen our practice ) . In the afternoon normal asana class except Wednesday and Friday (free afternoon)

There will be Meditation, Pranayama, Asanas to open the heart, Kirtan and much more.   To highlight this retreat ( there is wonderful food .both trad. Greek and Ayurvedic Indian  .

Live Set with Dj Forॐst for the dancing meditation

Kirtan with Lalita Devi in the evenings & in the morning classes Mantras

850 € Donation ( All Incl. Yoga ,accommodation , brunch, 5 veg. dinner Kirtan etc.. except Flight, Transfer  & Petrol for the car that you have the whole week (sharing) )


Sunday 18.-25.09.2022

The 5 elements retreat

Yoga ,Sound Journey with Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowls & culinary journey

  with Anja & Asimina


In this retreat, we will balance all our chakras  with asanas, pranayama, meditation, and mantras, singing bowl and Gong . You will see how to come from your mind to your heart   and feel the deep energy of love coming from this center. you will feel how it is to be balanced and at home in your body . To highlight this retreat there is a culinary journey through trad. Greek and Ayurvedic Indian food  to balance ourselves through our diet as well..

“Nada Brahma” – the world is sound.

 In the afternoon we connect with the 5 elements (earth, air, water , fire & ether) through the gong and singing bowls Asiminas . The sound journeys lead you into completely new levels of consciousness. Part of the  sound journeys are supported with physical exercises, Asanas , Nada Yoga , Pranayama that are suitable for each element.

(Thursday free afternoons.)

1 Kirtan evening and a surprise event

early bird till 01.08. is 1000 euro

1250 euro (incl. is daily brunch and 5 veg.dinner, accommodation, car ,all the yoga and sound sessions ..except flight, transfer &  petrol)


Sunday Yoga & Detox

5 days of detoxing the body & the mind with smoothies ,healthy soups , yoga & meditation ,massages and lots of time for yourself 

donation:  double room sharing 700 euro

single 950 euro( more info under detox page )

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