Yoga & Detox 02.-07.07.21
August 10, 2019

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Yoga Retreats Crete  2021

Yoga holidays are always in between the retreats


 02.07. -07.07. 21

Yoga & Detox with Anja

6 days of special Asanas and Pranayama to detoxify the body & mind, Awareness, Meditation, Yoganidra,Massage & a detoxifying diet with smoothies , soups and 2 light vegetarian dinners

​for more info on this go to Yoga & Detox

700 € Donation double room ( All Incl. except Flights & Petrol )

950 € single room


Tuesday 20.-27 07. 21

Anahata Yoga & Sound Journey with Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowls .. Open yourself to the love that you are

 with Anja & Asimina

In this retreat, you will work directly with our heart chakra (and balance all the others as well ) with asanas, pranayama, meditation, and mantras. You will see how to come from your mind to your heart   and feel the deep energy of love coming from this center. You will find out who you really are, resting in your heart, and spreading love and light into the world.

“Nada Brahma” – the world is sound.

 In the afternoon we connect with the 4 elements (earth, air, water & fire) through the gong and singing bowls Asiminas . The sound journeys lead you into completely new levels of consciousness. Part of the  sound journeys are supported with physical exercises, Asanas , Nada Yoga , Pranayama that are suitable for each element.

(Wednesday and Friday  free afternoons.)

1 Beach Yoga  class in the afternoon with dinner together

750 euro (incl. is daily brunch and 5 veg.dinner,(also beach dinner included)  accommodation, car ,all the yoga and sound sessions ..except flight, transfer &  petrol)

 August & September

Sunday 29.08.-05.09. 2021  Anahata Yoga with Anja & Kirtan with Lalita Devi

We gonna practice every morning 2 hours & Lalita will sing & play the harmonium to the asanas (longer holding of the asanas to deepen our practice ) . In the afternoon normal asana class except Wednesday and Friday (free afternoon)

There will be Meditation, Pranayama, Asanas to open the heart, Kirtan  and much more

Live Set with Dj Forॐst for the dancing meditation

Kirtan with Lalita Devi in the evenings & in the morning classes Mantras

850 € Donation ( All Incl. Yoga ,accommodation , brunch, 5 veg. dinner Kirtan etc.. except Flight, Transfer  & Petrol for the car that you have the whole week (sharing) )


Vitalization of life energy with Verena Sunday 8th. – 18.10.2021

I accompany you wholeheartedly in your development processes and on your path of change. Heart-opening and transforming meditations, chants and dances, rituals in and with nature should nourish and purify you and accompany you on the journey to yourself

Atonement to heart opening and connection in the group
• Rituals for and with Mother Earth and the elements
• Experience the magical nature
• an excursion with a hike and / or visit to the Hermes and Aphrodite temples

• Meditations and singing together

Enolance Dance: Meditation, Chants, Soul dance
• Time for you … also a free afternoon
• Individual session by arrangement

at Om shanti € 1111 double room sharing
extra small house : € 1300 double room sharing
single room 1400 euro

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