The Art of Life N.P.O.

We are located in Amiras, a mountain village on the southern side of Crete. The area has the quietness of the mountains in the back and the vastness of the Libyan Sea in the front. The energy is very special and calming. You can go trekking in the woods (the only pine forest on the island), go mountaineering or visit some of the most beautiful beaches on Crete. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be provided for free. The area is well preserved with secluded beaches, as well as small villages and beautiful tavernas located along the seafront.

Om Shanti Yoga & Healing Crete is located 60 km from Heraklion airport and we can transfer you to our center or arrange you a car for rent.

My name is Anja Abinaya

Originally born in South Germany, I moved to Crete, the island of light, after finishing my studies of art and realizing that life is much more than what the eyes can see, the inner journey had begun and so also came yoga in my life.

Now I am an alternative healer and teacher of the new consciousness and a qualified shivananda yoga teacher, as well as I have been studying with iyengar yoga teachers for quite some time. I started my own yoga practice in 1993 and i teach now more than 18 years here on Crete where i have lived the last 30 years. I have a yoga and healing retreat center in the mountain village of Amiras at the south site of the island together with my partner Kostas Sddhart (who is from Crete). He is doing the lovely vegetarian cooking, as well as being a DJ for many years, he plays the music (spiritual, ambient) in the retreats.

For many years I have been practicing and teaching usui reiki as a reiki master plus other energy healing treatments and massages.

We have spent many winters in India, me deepening my practice studying with iyengar & sivananda yoga teachers. We also stayed in an ashram called upanisha ananda madir under the guideline of Atmaji, which is an enlightened master of modern times, where we learned various pranayama and meditation techniques as well as yoga that goes much further than the physical exercise. The last years we follow Mooji Ji, going to Rishikesh for Satsang, also online and we joined the huge group of Mooji Sanga.

Now we are very happy to share our experience with you.

May love and light be with you,
Abinaya & Siddhart


As a human you have a destiny, Live it!

My name is Ina Grotheus

A few years ago I was searching for a balance of my daily work, I found it in Hatha Yoga after Shivananda. In 2012 I decided to do the teacher training.

Yoga for me is inspiration, inner power and peace. It always brings me into the Here & Now and shows me what is really important in life. To look, to feel how things really are, is very interesting and I believe a lifelong process.

My enthusiasm didn’t stop till today and Yoga changed my life.

I did a few more trainings, Yin Yoga, Anahata Yogatherapy for heart problems, Reiki & Dietician.

Always being a student, Yoga is a way to experience and to develop seeing things more relaxed with gratitude and humor in daily life.

I like to share and give yoga classes to my students.

OM Shanti

My name is Sandra Sorgatz

I am from South Germany. I am a fitness and health trainer as well as a yoga teacher. I came across Yoga through sports. My lessons and training have moved me more and more towards Yoga over the years, noticing that almost everything has its origin in Yoga. Today, I cannot imagine my life without Yoga.

I am aware, attentive and authentic - in the now! And so are my teachings. From time to time physically a little more demanding.

I have taught yoga since 2013, started with Hatha Yoga, then Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.



YOGA means UNION. HATHA YOGA is the union of the sun & the moon, male & female to become ONE.

“You think of yourself as a citizen of the universe. You think you belong to this world of dust and matter. Out of this dust you have created a personal image, and have forgotten about the essence of your true origin.”

Jalaluddin Rumi


In the center, we do special seminars on anahata, which is our heart chakra. With asanas, pranayama, special meditation techniques and mantras, we open our heart chakra more and more, balance it and feel the deep energy of love coming from this center, which is very important in the time we live in today.


In this seminar, we work on our whole chakra system to bring it into harmony and feel the wellbeing of our body, mind and soul. We use asanas, sound, mantras and meditation techniques as well as deep breathing exercises (bairova). Both retreats are working much with the energy of the divine.

netti netti meditation: I am not this.
itti itti: I am peace, happiness and love.

bairova: Breathing technique to reduce thoughts, profound cleansing of stress and tension. Preparation for meditation.


Why to Detoxify?

The connection between the body and the mind is a very real one, with the way your body feels playing a big part in how your brain functions and whether or not you experience a state of well-being. Keeping it free of toxins, free radicals, and other nasty things that can end up in our insides is essentially to maintaining a healthy life. Detoxing the body also through yoga brings additional benefits which cannot be achieved through diet only or by any other means of detoxing. Detoxing through yoga practice improves the function of internal organs and removes impurities from them. Detoxing through yoga practice leaves your body cleaner inside and more energetic outside.


In this 7-day seminar, five days will be a cleansing process with smoothies, soups, green smoothies, juices, herbal teas and water. On the first & last day we will have some light vegetarian meal, salad and smoothies to begin and end the detoxification.


> Warm water with lemon to give a kick to the lever
> Daily morning and evening yoga (1 ½ hour of asanas, pranayama, meditation)
> Yoga nidra
> Morning smoothie
> Group sharing and inspiration
> 1 oil massage (with special flowers and herbs essences to detoxify from the skin)
> Midday smoothie
> Free time to go to the beach or just relax in the center
> Evening yoga session
> Evening veg - soup
> mantras, kirtan, free time

* All plants and herbs are collected on Crete by a friend of us.


The meaning of Satsang

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the truth" or, more simply, "being with the truth." Truth is what is real, what exists. So all there is, is Truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind. Conversely, whenever something, such as a thought, fear, or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier. We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discriminate the Truth. Thus, the true teacher, or satguru, is within you, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless. You have always been here in the embrace of your true nature as aware, loving space. You have always been in satsang.

New dates of Satsang will be announced soon.

  • Ramana

  • Satsang

  • Atmaji

  • Vivek Satsang

  • Sagarika Ma Satsang

  • Vivek Satsang

  • Sagarika Ma Satsang

  • Atmaji

  • Vivek Satsang

  • Atmaji

  • Diana



  • Each Seminar is a group of 6-10 people.
  • The beginning and end of the retreats are always on a Sunday but you are very welcome before or after the retreat.
  • The Yoga & Detox Seminars always start with the last quarter moon to help detoxifying.
  • Yoga holidays (2 hours Yoga in the morning).
  • At the airport there will be a car with the description to the center. The car will be shared with other people of the retreat. You can keep the car for the whole week.
  • There is also the possibility to come with a bus or a taxi the center.
  • The double rooms are being shared at the retreat & in the price is always a 7-night accommodation, car, breakfast, 5 veg. dinner & the Yoga program included. By booking a retreat we kindly ask you for a deposit of 30% and the rest you pay it on arrival. For the cancellation until 1 month before there is a refund of 50%.

Our Seminars & Workshops
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Our house is an old stone house with garden with view to the Libyan Sea from all the rooms. There is space in the garden for relaxation in many private places. We have restored all rooms to the original style of the house with natural stone, giving a refreshing feeling for the summer. We have 3 double rooms which will be shared during the retreats and can be booked for Yoga holidays, the Retreats, as well as just for summer holidays. Apart of the retreats you can still use the Yogashala for private practice.

Donation for a double room with breakfast (bio & local products):

  • Low season (April, May, June, October, November) - 45€ per room per day
  • High season (July, August, September) - 48€ per day for 2 people
  • For single use of the room please ask for a price
  • By booking a room we kindly ask you for a deposit of 30% and the rest you pay it on arrival. For cancellation until 1 month before there is a refund of 50%.

Yoga holiday classes 08:00-10:00 in the morning:

  • Group Yoga session - 10€ per person (from 3+ people)
  • Yoga session for 2 people - 30€ in total

Cooking lessons with our Chef Kostas (Siddhart) every Monday after the daily seminars, or by appointment.

We would be delighted to welcome you soon!


We are always happy to hear from you!