Vitalization of life energy with Verena Friday October 9th. – 17.10.2020

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September 18, 2019
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October 30, 2018

Vitalization of life energy with Verena Friday October 9th. – 17.10.2020

Vitalization of life energy and connection with unity

The island of light Crete has a special vibration that can touch you deeply and bring you into a state of lightness and relaxation.

I accompany you wholeheartedly in your development processes and on your path of change. Heart-opening and transforming meditations, chants and dances, rituals in and with nature should nourish and purify you and accompany you on the journey to yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to get out of your everyday life and connect with the magic of nature and your essence in a beautiful setting. I am guided by my intuition, my wealth of knowledge and my experience to accompany you on this journey in the community.

There is a predefined structure that can be deviated from at any time, depending on the needs of the group.

A beautiful room invites you to individual sessions.


• Attunement to heart opening and connection in the group
• Rituals for and with Mother Earth and the elements
• Experience the magical nature
• an excursion with a hike and / or visit to the Hermes and Aphrodite temples

• Meditations and singing together

• Enolance Danse: Meditation, Chants, Souldance
• Time for you … also a free afternoon
• Individual session by arrangement

Early bird (registration until March 30th, 2020): 980, –
Normal bookers (registration until April 30th, 2020): € 1030
Late booking (registration from May 30th, 2020): € 1130

For more info. 00491717443836 und email.

including accommodation, meals (breakfast and dinner), course fee and transfer. Fuel, possible costs for a boat tour and travel expenses are not included in the price.