Yoga & Sound Journey with Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowls .. & culinary journey..Sunday 15. – 22.05.2022

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October 27, 2019
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Yoga & Sound Journey with Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowls .. & culinary journey..Sunday 15. – 22.05.2022

Through the island of light Crete we reconnect with ourselves. Yoga units for our all our chakra, asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantras (we sing at the beginning and end of the lesson) accompany and support us. We open our heart chakra more and more, balance it and feel the deep energy of love that emanates from this center. We will find out who we really are, rest in our hearts and spread love and light into the world

To highlight this retreat there is wonderful food .both trad.Cretan and Ayurveda Indian to balance through our diet as well..The traditional cooking of our Chef Siddhart will give you insight in both cuisines,,,, the Cretan diet is one of the healthiest of the planet will travel through Culinary experiences each day and feel healthy and nourished..

We will learn also more about Mantras (sound)

Nada Brahma” – the world is sound and sing together one evening. Kirtan is the repetitively chanting of holy names . It is a beautiful way to open into Bhakti yoga.

In the afternoon sessions with Pranayama, Yoga & Meditation (Soundbath ) we connect with the chakras and the 4 elements fire, water, earth, air through the gong and Tibetan singing bowls of Asiminas (Soundhealer)

The vibrations of the bowls generate Alpha & Theta waves, they bring us to a level where the mental does not work, i.e. the awakening of our thoughts, the Emotional does not work, ie no influence of our emotions and desires. The sounds lead you into completely new levels of consciousness. Part of the the sound journeys are supported with physical exercises ,Nada Yoga,that are suitable for each element.

Mantra Chanting is , , ,

A practice that allows anyone, including non—musicians,
to experience the many life enhancing benefits of singing. A way for us to connect with community,
to feel a part of a vital, larger whole.
A judgement—free space,
where we can come home to ourselves.
A powerful tool for self»exploration,
self—improvement, and conscious evolution.
An elevated space where we can activate
powerful energetic archetypes that serve us in our lives.
A way for us to get out of our heads,
to be liberated from the prison of thought.
An opportunity to connect with the power
of a living tradition that stretches back for thousands of years.
A means to directly experience ourselves
as Vibrational, energetic beings.

The yoga sessions will take place on the roof terrace overlooking the mind blowing Cretan nature and sea.
* accommodation in shared double room (7 nights)
* rich & healthy vegetarian breakfast from locally sourced, organic products plus 5 delicious vegetarian dinner
* 2 Yoga classes & 1 in combination Gong & Tibetan bowls per day (morning and evening except Wednesday free afternoon), including Meditation and Pranayama

1 afternoon class on the beach with yoga ,sound healing meditation and dinner together on the beach restaurant

* 1 Kirtan evenings (chanting of traditional Mantras)

* you can book also Tibetan singing bowl healing

All levels are welcome!
Classes being taught in English or German.
Donation1250 euro

Early bird till 15.03.22 is 1000 euro

Prices are per person. Not included are flights, transportation, insurance and all extras during the retreat.
Travel information: Book your flights to Heraklion and either book a transfer from Om Shanti or get a bus to Amiras.